How to Complete ‘A Festival of Friendship’

Do you need help completing the ‘A Festival of Friendship’ quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Read on: here’s everything you need to know.

Before you can start the ‘A Festival of Friendship’ quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to reach level 10 friendship with Mirabel Madrigal. If you need help levelling up your friendship quickly, you can check out our helpful guide by clicking here. Once you’re at level 10, talk to Mirabel to begin the quest.

After talking to her, Mirabel will give you a torn piece of cloth. You need to work out what it’s from. It’ll be in your inventory: open it up (triangle on PlayStation, Y on Xbox) and then click on the torn cloth. Select ‘use’. It turns out it’s a tablecloth with a memory attached to it.

Talk to Mirabel. She’ll remember it’s from the Madrigal Table – a beautiful, wooden table in her family home. Or, at least it used to be. She remembers it being used on the beach, and so that’s your next port of call.

Look for the Madrigal Table on Dazzle Beach

The next stage of the ‘A Festival of Friendship’ quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to look for signs of the Madrigal Table on Dazzle Beach. You’re looking for wood buried in the sand, and you’ll need your shovel to dig it out. We found the first piece close to the exits to the Forest and the Meadow.

Once you’ve found one piece, you’ll need to find three more. They’re not all buried: some we simply had to pick up. Here’s where we found all pieces of the Madrigal Table on Dazzle Beach:

  • Near the pier’s default position (near the shoreline mid-way down the beach)
  • The bottom of the grand steps leading to the Meadow
  • Buried in the sand close to the entrance to the Glade of Trust

When you’ve found all four pieces of the table, go talk to Mirabel.

A Festival of Friendship: Prepare Three Meals

The table needs repairing, and you also need to gather Mirabel’s friends. Go talk to Anna and Moana: they’ll both help you with fixing the table and preparing a gathering. Your task, though? To cool three meals. Thankfully, you’re given recipes for each of them.

Here’s what you need to make:

  • Bunuelos – cheese, milk, eggs, wheat
  • Large seafood platter – any four shellfish, lemon
  • Chocolate chip cookies – cocoa bean, wheat, sugarcane, butter

Along with Anna and Moana, Elsa and Kristoff will also be helping fix the table and tablecloth. Once you’ve cooked all three recipes, all you can do is wait. You’re told around ‘half a day’, but since we started the quest mid-afternoon, we had to wait until the following day for everyone to be done. Time to do something else.

You’ll know when everyone’s done when the quest status at the top left of your screen changes (providing it’s your active quest). Once they’re ready, take the meals you made to Anna.

Next, talk to Mirabel. Change your outfit to something cute and casual – if you want – then place the table near Mirabel’s house, the Mini Casita. You’ll need to enter Furniture mode to do so. When it’s placed, you’ll automatically be prompted to take a picture with all the girls. Talk to Mirabel when you’re done, and that’s it. A Festival of Friendship in Disney Dreamlight Valley is finished, and you’ve done the last of Mirabel’s friendship quests.

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