How to Complete ‘Breaking the Ice’

When Frozen‘s Elsa arrives in Disney Dreamlight Valley, she’ll give you the Breaking the Ice quest, allowing you to break through ice. But how do you complete it?

You’ll need to be level three friendship with Elsa before she’ll give you the Breaking the Ice quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once you get it, she’ll lead you to the entrance to the ice cavern in the Forest of Valor. It’s surrounded by ice, so you can’t get in – but Elsa knows some magic which might make your pickaxe stronger.

It means collecting five sets of ingredients:

  • 3x garlic
  • 2x sugarcane
  • 5x lemons
  • 5x sunflowers
  • 1x vial of ocean water

Now, by this point in the game there’s a good chance you might have a stash of most of those items. And if not, most of them are easy to find. Garlic can be foraged from the Forest of Valor, sugarcane can be bought from Goofy at Dazzle Beach, lemons grow on trees in the Forest or Glade of Trust, and sunflowers grow on Dazzle Beach. But what about the vial of ocean water?

Finding a vial of ocean water in Disney Dreamlight Valley initially stumped us. But it’s actually very easy. You don’t even need to craft an empty vial. Simply head to the shore on Dazzle Beach, and you’ll find a sparkling point on the water’s edge. Interact with it, and a vial of ocean water is yours.

Once you’ve got all the ingredients, head to a crafting bench and make the Warmth of Summer Potion. You’ll find it in the ‘Potion & Enchantment’ tab. All that’s left to do is take it to Elsa.

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