How to Complete Elsa’s Ice Cavern Mystery

Curious about completing Elsa’s Ice Cavern Mystery quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? We have all the steps you need to follow.

First, you must reach friendship level 10 with Elsa to embark on the Ice Cavern Mystery quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley (check our helpful guide on leveling up friendships swiftly). Star the quest by talking with Elsa, who will request you meet her at the Ice Cavern.

Once there, follow her to the ice statues of herself and Anna. The objective of Elsa’s final quest is to locate the missing crest and complete the sigil inside the Ice Cavern.

Find a crest in Anna’s house

Elsa will then instruct you to speak with Anna. After talking with Anna, you’ll discover that the green crest is hidden somewhere in Anna’s home. Head to the house she shares with Kristoff in the Forest of Valor. Locate the crest by examining the grandfather clock in the lounge. The crest will fall to the floor.

To proceed with the Ice Cavern Mystery in Disney Dreamlight Valley, return to Elsa’s Ice Cavern and place the crest in the wall. However, your mission isn’t finished just yet!

Gather important items

You must now gather four items:

  • Arendellian Pickled Herring (Craft in a kitchen using herring, lemon, garlic, onion, and seasoning)
  • White Passion Lily (Found growing in Frosted Heights)
  • Carrot (Purchase from Peaceful Meadow)
  • Gold Ingot (Create with 5x gold nugget and 1x coal; mine gold nuggets in Frosted Heights or Sunlit Plateau)

Ensure you have one of each item in your inventory. Once all items are collected, return to the cave and place each item on the corresponding pedestal. Position the Arendellian Pickled Herring on the fishing hook symbol, the Gold Ingot on the pickaxe, the carrot on the seedling symbol, and the White Passion Lily on the flower.

Finally, talk to Elsa to complete the Ice Cavern Mystery.

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