How to Complete ‘The Dreamlight Fountain’

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamlight Fountain

Wondering how to complete The Dreamlight Fountain quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s everything you need to know.

The Dreamlight Fountain quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley comes from Donald, but it’s only available once you’ve reached friendship level 10 with him. (If you need help levelling up your friendship, you can check out our handy guide here.) Once the quest becomes available, talk to Donald, and he’ll ask you to follow him to the campsite in Sunlit Plateau.

The campsite is easy enough to find: it’s the small table and BBQ area just to the side of the entrance from the Plaza. Once you’re there, search the area and you’ll find a note on the floor. Talk to Donald, and he’ll tell you to head to a campsite in the Forgotten Lands. It’s to the north of the Forgotten Lands, just above the pond.

Once you’re at the campsite in the Forgotten Lands, look for a sparkling patch of ground to dig up. You’ll find a memory – talk to Donald, and he’ll give you parts to build the Dreamlight Fountain. Or some of them, at least. You’ll need to find:

  • 35 stone
  • 5 iron ingot (so 25 iron ore and 5 coal)
  • 18 soil
  • 8 hardwood
  • 10 clay

Once you’ve found everything, go and craft the fountain at a workbench. Head back to the Forgotten Lands and talk to Donald. He’ll place the fountain, but he’ll give you a banner to place nearby. Enter furniture mode to do so. You’ll then be prompted to take a photo.

When you’re done, talk to Donald to finish the task. And that’s it: you’ve finished the Dreamlight Fountain task!

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