How to Complete ‘The Final Trial’

Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you reach level 10 friendship with Merlin in Disney Dreamlight Valley, he’ll give you a quest called The Final Trial. Here’s how to complete it.

The Final Trial is an exciting quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Completing it will let you fully upgrade your watering can, which will let you get rid of all mushrooms in the valley. Finally! But it’s a tricky quest with several parts to it, including finding some quest-exclusive items.

The first part of The Final Trial involves crafting Purified Night Shards. If you’re this far in the game, you’ve already done this: crafting with Night Shards and Dream Shards. Easy stuff. You need five of these, then you need to take them to Wall-E, who will crush them for you. Now go and talk to Merlin.

Here comes the trickiest part of Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s The Final Trial quest. You’re tasked with finding three items: mushrooms, Falling Water, and Ice Heart. Mushrooms are easy enough: simply get rid of small patches of mushrooms with your watering can, or head to the Glade of Trust to pick up mushrooms from the ground. Ice Heart and Falling Water are the tricky parts, however.

How to find Falling Water and Ice Heart in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you speak to Merlin, he’ll offer up clues to find both items. Pay attention to what he says, and finding Falling Water and Ice Heart for The Final Trial in Disney Dreamlight Valley should be a cinch.

Falling Water: Merlin suggests reversing the words: Water Falling? Waterfall, perhaps? There are several waterfalls in the game. The one you need to head to is to the south of Glade of Trust, where water runs off the map. At the side of the river you should see a shiny object. Pick it up, and this is your Falling Water.

Ice Heart: When you offered Merlin the crushed night shards, he gave you something in exchange: a special seed. Plant this seed, and water it. Within a few minutes an Ice Heart will grow.

And that’s it! Providing you’ve also got 25 mushrooms, you have everything you need to craft the enchantment needed to complete The Final Trial. Head to a workbench, and you’ll find ‘Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment’ in the Potion & Enchantment section. Once it’s done, head to Merlin.

That’s it: you can now remove large mushrooms, like those blocking the bridge in Glade of Trust. Enjoy your new skill!

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