How to Complete ‘The Illumination’

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Do you need help completing the quest called ‘The Illumination’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s what you need to know.

‘The Illumination’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a quest you’ll get once you’ve reached level 10 friendship with Woody. (If you need help in quickly levelling up friendships, you can read our handy guide here.) To start the quest, talk to Woody. He needs your help one last time getting his carousel back in working order. Once you’ve spoken to him, enter his carousel and examine the toy chest that’s in there. Read the note that flies out onto the floor, then talk to Woody again.

It seems that to illuminate Woody’s carousel and get it working, it needs to be powered up by happy childhood memories. And so, a good place to start is collecting memories from other Dreamlight Valley residents. You need to go talk to Moana, Ariel and Kristoff.

You’ll get an item from each resident, each one relating to a childhood memory of theirs. Moana gives you a conch shell, Ariel gives you a music box, and Kristoff gives you a troll statue.

Build a blanket fort in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you’ve got everything, return to Woody. He wants you to build a blanket fort to recreate a childhood memory. That can only mean one thing: time to gather stuff.

To create the blanket fort for Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s The Illumination quest, you need:

  • 40x softwood (picked up from the ground in the Plaza, Meadow and the Forest)
  • 5x cotton (can be grown or bought from Goofy’s stall in Sunlit Plateau)
  • 4x fabric (you’ll need 5x cotton for each one. It may also be available to purchase from Kristoff’s stall)
  • 4x rope (you’ll need 8x fiber for each one. Fiber is made from seaweed)
  • 5x glass (each glass needs 5x sand, 1x coal)

If you need more guidance finding each material, you can check out our Dreamlight Valley crafting guide by clicking here.

When you’ve got everything, craft the blanket fort at a workbench. You’ll find it under the ‘Furniture’ tab.

Place the blanket fort anywhere in your village – and change your outfit to something “playful” if you want. Next, take a photo with Buzz and Woody.

Go meet Woody by the carousel when you’re done. Talk to Woody one last time and you’re done – and the carousel is back to life. Hooray!

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