How to Complete ‘The Magical Crystal’

If you’ve reached friendship| level 10 with Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll be given a quest called The Magical Crystal. Here’s how to complete it.

When you begin the Magical Crystal quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Eric will tell you about his compass, and a strange artifact that he’s found. And, as you tend to do when anything strange or magical is mentioned in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you go straight to Merlin.

The Magical Crystal: Enchant the Compass

Merline tasks you with finding a number of items needed to enchant the compass. You’ll need:

  • 5x Purified Night Shards
  • 10x Crystals

You’ll find Crystals by mining rocks in the Forgotten Land. And Purified Night Shards need to be crafted by combining Dream Shards and Night Shards. Dream Shards are gathered by removing Night Thorns or digging up gleaming patches of land, and Night Shards are found exclusively by digging up gleaming patches of land. You’ll need 25 Night Shards and 5 Dream Shards. If you don’t have enough items, time to get farming.

Once you’ve got the resources, head back to Merlin, who’ll fix the compass for you. Give it to Eric. He’ll then talk to you about diving, and give you another list of ingredients to make a diving suit. Hooray – another bout of farming!

Make a Diving Suit for Eric

To make the diving suit in Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need:

  • 20x Fabric (100 cotton – bought from Sunlit Plateau or grown from seeds)
  • 15x Iron Ingot (you’ll need 75 iron ore, mine from the Forest or Glade)
  • 8x Glass (you’ll need 8 coal ore and 40 sand – dug up from the beach)
  • 5x Gold Ingot (made with 25 gold nuggets, mined from Sunlit Plateau, Forgotten Lands or Frosted Heights)

Once you’ve found everything you need and crafted the items, go back to Eric. That’s it: talk to him and the quest is done. You can now go to his house and buy a new crafting recipe from his blueprints table if you wish.

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