How to Complete ‘The Unknown Flavor’

Disney Dreamlight Valley Ratatouille

Wondering how to complete The Unknown Flavor quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s what you need to know.

When you reach friendship level 10 with Remy, the Ratatouille rat in Disney Dreamlight Valley, he’ll offer you a quest called ‘The Unknown Flavor’. In this quest, he wants your help in remembering a recipe he’s since forgotten to create something sweet. That thing, it turns out, is ice cream. But before you can learn how to make ice cream, you first need to uncover slush ice.

For the first part of the quest, you’ll need to find three purified night shards. Or you need to craft purified night shards, more to the point. For each one, you’ll need 1x dream shard and 5x night shards. Hopefully you already have a stash of dream shards: you’ll find them from removing night thorns. As for night shards? You’ll find those by digging up the sparkling patches of ground dotted around the village.

When you’ve found the ingredients, head to a workbench to craft three purified night shards. Your next step is to find someone who can crush them. Let’s think: which Disney Dreamlight Valley character is good at crushing things? Wall-E! Take your shards to him, and he’ll happily turn them into powder.

You’re nearly there. The next step of Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s The Unknown Flavor quest sees you return to your workbench. There you can use the crushed purified night shard power with 15 snowballs to create ice slush. If you don’t have any snowballs, you’ll need to head to Frosted Heights. There, you can use your pickaxe on ice to find them – they’re plentiful.

Take the ice slush to Remy, and from that point forward you’ll be able to buy ice slush from his store in his restaurant, alongside dairy products and peanuts. Before you can finish up the quest, you’ll need to make Vanilla Ice Cream. Remy provides you the recipe, for which you’ll need ice slush, milk, vanilla and sugarcane.

And that’s it – you’re done with The Unknown Flavor quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

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