How to Complete ‘Wanted: Aliens’

Dreamlight Valley

Once you reach level 7 friendship with Woody in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can undertake the Wanted: Aliens quest. Here’s your step-by-step guide.

During Woody’s previous mission, he inadvertently destroyed his carousel’s contents, including the aliens’ claw machine. Consequently, your task in this Disney Dreamlight Valley mission, Wanted: Aliens, is to assist Woody in creating a new claw machine. To initiate the mission, ensure you have level 7 friendship with Woody and then speak with him.

(If you need help levelling up your friendship, you can visit our handy guide here.)

First and foremost, you’ll need to gather the necessary materials to construct the new claw machine:

  • 10x hardwood
  • 2x iron ingot
  • 12x glass

Locating hardwood is a breeze: it’s the darker shade of wood found on the ground in Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, or Frosted Heights.

To obtain the iron ingots, you’ll need 10 pieces of iron ore, which can be mined from outcrops in Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust.

Lastly, craft each piece of glass using 5x sand and 1x coal ore. Collect sand by digging on the beach or mining the large stones there. Alternatively, if you have a level 10 friendship with Kristoff, you can purchase glass from his stall.

With all materials in hand, craft the Claw Machine under the ‘Functional Items’ section of the crafting menu. Then, visit Woody inside his carousel. He’ll request that you speak with Buzz, who is your next point of contact.

Alien locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Buzz will provide you with the general locations of four missing Aliens, which you must find:

  1. Under Dazzle Beach’s sand: Locate the Alien to the right of the Forest of Valor entrance, en route to the cave where you first encountered Ursula. Use your shovel to unearth it.
  2. Frozen in ice near a waterfall: Travel to Frosted Heights, and there you’ll find a waterfall in the bottom left area of the map, along with a nearby bridge. Discover the Alien frozen in a block of ice and use your pickaxe to free it.
  3. In the ground near the Giant Willow: Make your way to Glade of Trust and locate the Giant Willow, which is the large tree where Mother Gothel resides. An Alien is buried in the ground right beside it – dig it up.
  4. In Scar’s Cave: Head to Scar’s cave in Sunlit Plateau, where you’ll find the Alien resting on the ground.

After collecting all the Aliens, return to Woody. Congratulations! You’ve completed the Wanted: Aliens mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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