How to Feed Rabbits and Squirrels

Wondering how to feed rabbits and squirrels – known as critters – in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s how to offer your food to the shy little creatures.

You’ll often be tasked with feeding the critters – or animals – that dart around Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s different locations. But if you try to approach a rabbit or a squirrel, chances are they’re going to run off from your. The trick here is to be persistent.

To feed one of the squirrels or rabbits in Disney Dreamlight Valley, slowly approach it. It’ll likely run off, but stop not too far away. Walk towards it again, and repeat the process until eventually you’ll be rewarded with a prompt to ‘approach’. Press to interact, and your inventory will be brought up. Choose an item that the animal will like.

While you can offer any item to a rabbit or squirrel, you should try to choose wisely. Squirrels like fruit, and rabbits like carrots, for example. We’ve found that offering a critter something they don’t really like won’t count as us having fed it.

If you’ve already interacted with a squirrel, for instance, you might find the next time you go to approach it, the option pops up straight away. Sometimes it won’t pop up at all: you can’t always interact with them, and can typically only interact with each animal once per day.

We also find it helps to approach an animal without a tool in your hand. We have no idea if it makes a difference, but personally if we were a rabbit we’d be a bit alarmed at a giant human lunging after us with a pickaxe… wouldn’t you?

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