How to Get More Energy

Energy makes the world go round in Disney Dreamlight Valley. And so you probably want to know how to get it.

Every action you do in Disney Dreamlight Valley costs energy. Some activities cost more than others. Harvesting a crop takes a tiny amount, but mining a rock for ore will take a lot of energy from you. And so you’ll need to constantly refill while ever you’re playing. The question is: how do you get energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Thankfully, getting energy is very easy, and there are two main ways to regenerate it.

The first way to get energy in Dreamlight Valley is by eating. And food is plentiful! Every item of food – or recipe that you’ve prepared – has an energy value, which you’ll be able to see when you select an item in your inventory. The more complex a recipe, the more energy it will give you. But for a quick burst of energy, simply eating fruit you’ve picked off a tree or a bush will see you right. Eating a few apples and raspberries will quickly refill your energy.

The second way to restore your energy is simply by resting. Head to your house and spend time there – your energy meter will instantly refill in no time at all. So if you don’t want to waste any food, or want to spend some time redecorating, it’s a good place to head.

Although remember, the more you level up in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the more energy you have. That means you’ll need more food or rest to fully restore it.

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