How to Get Rich Soil

Wondering how to get rich soil in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s what we know.

It seems that gathering rich soil might be one of the most annoying items to farm in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You’re going to need some of it as part of Scar’s first quest, and we’re guessing it’ll pop up in future quests too. Head into the menu, and you’ll be told that rich soil can be found anywhere. But we spent some time digging around, and no luck. But that’s not how you find rich soil: you gather it by harvesting your crops.

That’s right: each time you harvest a crop in Disney Dreamlight Valley, there’s a small chance that a rich soil will drop alongside it. So, when it comes to needing, say, 10 pieces of rich soil, you’re going to have to do a lot of farming.

Because when we say that rich soil is rare, we mean rare. We had to harvest over 100 wheat before we saw one. Of course, the drop rate is random, and so you might have better luck than us. And we suspect that more expensive (and time-consuming) crops may have a better drop rate. But since wheat seeds cost only one coin and grow in one minute, they’re the best thing to farm if you need rich soil quickly.

It may also be a coincidence, but we didn’t get any rich soil while we were playing offline. We sense there are still some teething issues to be ironed out with the latest update, so for now we’d recommend ensuring you’re online when farming for rich soil. Good luck!

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