How to Get Seaweed to Make Fiber and Rope

A material you’ll need a lot of in Disney Dreamlight Valley is fiber, and you’ll need seaweed to make it. But where do you find it?

Most basic resources in Disney Dreamlight Valley are easy enough to find. They’re scattered around the world, and after picking them up, they’ll replenish rather quickly. Need stone? Mine any rock – and it’ll soon restore itself. While you can find some seaweed on the beach or around the river in the Glade of Trust, once you’ve picked it up, that’s it: it won’t replenish.

We assume this is a bug. After all, Disney Dreamlight Valley is in Early Access, and so we expect the game to get many patches and updates in the coming weeks and months. But for players with the game right now, this can be rather annoying. Particularly when many missions require you to craft fiber or rope.

Thankfully, not all is lost! There’s an endless supply of seaweed out there, and to find it you just need your fishing rod.

That’s right: you can find seaweed in any body of water in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Simply equip your fishing rod and fish outside of the rippled circles. Sometimes you’ll still catch a fish, but often you’ll pull out seaweed. Keep at it, and you’ll soon have enough seaweed to complete your mission.

If you need fiber, each piece of seaweed can be crafted into 5 fiber. If it’s rope you need, each piece of rope costs 8 fiber. Stock up on seaweed, then, and you’ll have no problem crafting either. You’ll just need a lot of it.

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