How to Get Through the Magical Cave

DIsney Dreamlight Valley magical cave

An early story quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley will task you with getting through three gates of a magical cave. Here’s how.

Down on the beach, you’ll find a cave hidden within the rocks. And, as part of a story quest, you’re required to head inside it to gather the Orb of Power hidden within. However, three gates block your way, and getting past each gate requires you to complete a specific challenge.

Thankfully, none of the challenges to get into the magical cave in Disney Dreamlight Valley are too difficult. And if you’re struggling, we’ve got the solutions right here.

The first gate in the magical cave requires three gems: a garnet, a peridot and an aquamarine. You’ll need to mine these from the mining rocks dotted around the Plaza and Peaceful Meadows. Sometimes you’ll see the gems sticking out from the rocks before you star to mine. But even blank rocks can give you gems, so it’s worth hitting them all with your pickaxe.

Once you’ve found all three gems, place them in the relevant statues, and the gate will open. Note that each gem needs to be the basic type: if you find, say, a Shiny Garnet, it won’t work.

To open the second gate, you simply need to place a carrot seed, a tomato seed and a wheat seed in the three dirt patches. Water them until they grow. You’ll need to wait a little while, so do something else outside of the cave to let some time pass.

For the third gate, simply harvest the three crops you grew behind the last gate. Use the oven provided and cook with the three items: combining tomato, wheat and carrot makes veggie paste. Eat it, and the last gate will open. That’s it: you’re through the magical cave in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and the Orb of Power is yours.

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