How to Get V-egg-etables

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eggstravaganza

Curious about acquiring v-egg-etables in Disney Dreamlight Valley during the Easter festivities? We’ve got you covered.

Throughout April, your Dreamlight village will be adorned with eggs in celebration of Easter. You’ll come across three egg varieties: wild spring eggs, egg-ceptional fruit, and v-egg-etables. Although wild spring eggs (found on the ground) and egg-ceptional fruit (sprouting on bushes) are easily discovered, the third egg type can be a bit more elusive. Let’s explore how to obtain v-egg-etables in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

There are two primary methods for acquiring v-egg-etables in Disney Dreamlight Valley: cultivating them from seeds or completing daily and weekly challenges. As the name suggests, v-egg-etables grow from seeds, much like actual vegetables. However, unlike other seeds, these are not available for purchase at Goofy’s stall—you must craft them.

How to craft v-egg-etable seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To craft v-egg-etable seeds, visit a workbench. You will need:

  • 1x egg-ceptional fruit (harvested from bushes)
  • 1x wild spring egg (collected from the ground)
  • 20x Dreamlight (accumulated by accomplishing Dreamlight tasks)

Each crafted seed requires these materials, so you’ll need to amass a generous supply if you want to craft everything. (See a list of everything you can craft with Easter eggs here.)

Additionally, v-egg-etables can be earned by tackling daily and weekly Eggstravaganza challenges. To embark on these quests, chat with Wall-E, who will assign tasks such as crafting flower baskets and pursuing bunnies. Upon completing these challenges, Wall-E will reward you with various eggs, including the coveted v-egg-etables.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Eggstravaganza

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