How to Make More Money From Crops

We’ve been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley for several months, but only recently have we truly discovered the joys of farming in the game.

Farming in Disney Dreamlight Valley is not as in-depth as something like, say, Stardew Valley. But there’s enough variety and variation that you can spend a lot of your time in-game simply tending to your crops, planting new seeds and harvesting what you’ve grown.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to spend some time farming in Dreamlight Valley. Crops can be used as a cooking ingredient, or simply eaten raw to give yourself energy. You can even gift them to residents, but they’re not very high value so we wouldn’t recommend it. Perhaps the main reason to farm crops, however, is to make money. Fully-grown vegetables sell for a lot more than the seeds cost you, and so taking your goods to Goofy’s stall once you’ve harvested can net you a nice profit.

There are ways you can make even more money, too, and so we’ve compiled a short list of handy tips to help you get the most out of farming in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Good luck, gardener.

Make more money from crops in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Have a villager with the gardening skill tag along

Every new villager is given a skill, chosen by you. One of those skills is gardening. Have them hang out with you while you’re gardening, and it’ll pay dividends. You see, every time you harvest a crop, a gardening friend has a chance to generate more crops for you. We’ve found that having a level 10 friend accompany you can double the amount of crops you harvest.

Plant high-value seeds

Everything you plant will make you profit, since vegetables are worth more than their seeds. But sometimes the return isn’t quite worth it. Cabbages might grow quickly, but you’ll only make a few coins for each one, and it’s not worth the effort. Plant pumpkin seeds, however, and you’ll sell each grown pumpkin for several hundred, netting you a huge profit. Yes, pumpkins take the longest to grow, and you’ll have to water them a few times. But they’re well worth investing in.

Plant seeds in the region you buy them in

If you’re like us, you might have turned the Plaza region of Disney Dreamlight Valley into your own personal farmland. If you have, you’re doing yourself a bit of a disservice. You see, planting seeds in the region you buy them in – i.e. planting pumpkins in the Forgotten Lands – gives you a bonus. They grow quicker in those regions. Since the Plaza is the only area without a Goofy stall, you should probably avoid planting here.

Have a quick turnaround

When you’ve harvested crops, your dug-up areas of ground will stay there. But not for long. If you wait too long before planting more seeds, the soil will disappear and you’ll need to dig all over again. It’s quite a time-consuming activity, particularly if you’ve got a large farming area, so make sure you plant seeds fairly soon after harvesting.

Keep some crops aside

While it’s rewarding to sell everything you grow, make sure you keep a stash of each type of crop/vegetable in a storage container. It’s handy to have some stock in, because you never know when you’ll need something for a quest, or a particular recipe. And having to wait for something to grow for a day or two part way through a mission is just annoying.

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