How to See Pictures You’ve Taken

Wondering how to see the pictures you’ve taken while playing Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s what we know.

Disney Dreamlight Valley equips your character with a phone, with which they can take pictures of themselves, other characters and the world around them. Equip it by pressing the right trigger, then shoot with square/X. By default, it takes a selfie, although you can change modes by toggling with the shoulder buttons. You can choose between selfie, full standing, or free camera.

You can take pictures in Disney Dreamlight Valley whenever you like, and there’s also a handful of quests that ask you to use your camera, too. It means you might end up taking some really fun shots – especially since taking selfies with other characters prompts them to do a silly pose. And so, you might want to look through everything you’ve taken once in a while.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to see the pictures you’ve taken in Disney Dreamlight Valley. As far as we can see, the images aren’t automatically stored by the game.

If you do want to keep the pictures you take, you’ll need to make use of your console’s built-in screenshot function to save the images to your console’s storage. But as for looking at them within the game – sorry, that’s not an option. Hopefully it’s a function that gets added to Dreamlight Valley in a later update.

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