How to Solve Scrooge McDuck’s Treasure Hunt

Scrooge McDuck’s quest called The Treasure Hunt in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We’re here to help.

When you reach friendship level 8 with Scrooge McDuck, he gives you a quest called ‘The Treasure Hunt’. He hands you over a coin, which goes in your inventory. You’ll first need to examine the coin by going to your inventory and interacting with it. It’ll turn into a memory (which Scrooge isn’t too happy about – he can’t afford his precious money to simply disappear!). But in that memory you’ll see three different locations. So, so solve Scrooge McDuck’s Treasure Hunt you’ll need to find those three locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley. But where are they?

The first location of Scrooge’s Treasure Hunt in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first location in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a waterfall. There are a few waterfalls dotted around different areas, but this one is rather striking. There are multiple streams falling over a giant statue of a head. Have you seen something like that before? You’ll find the waterfall in the Glade of Trust, just to the north. Nearby you’ll find a digging spot where you’ll find a piece of paper. That’s the first part of Scrooge’s Treasure Hunt complete.

The second location

The second location of the Treasure Hunt in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the easiest. Simply head to Merlin’s house in the Peaceful Meadow. Just in front of his desk, you’ll find the second piece of paper you need to pick up.

The third location

And finally, on to the third part of the Treasure Hunt, and this time you need to head to the right-hand side of Dazzle Beach. Just beneath the path leading up to the Forest of Valor, you’ll find a digging spot. There you’ll find the third piece of paper needed for the Treasure Hunt in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

All that’s left to do is hand in your findings to Scrooge McDuck. And that’s it! You’ll have to work on improving your friendship level with Scrooge further to unlock the next quest.

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