How to Unblock Bridges

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Wondering how to unblock bridges that are covered over in mushrooms or other growths in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s what we know.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is split up into several distinct regions. Only two of those regions – the Plaza and the Meadow – are available at the start of the game, but you’ll soon earn enough Dreamlight to unlock more areas. (You can read more about unlocking new areas in Disney Dreamlight Valley here.) However, many of those areas are split off by rivers, with some portions only accessible by bridge. And those bridges are blocked by pesky mushrooms and other growths. And so, how do you unblock those bridges?

The bad news first. There’s no easy and quick way to unblock bridges in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Clearing the items that lay in your way can only be done by completing various Friendship Quests from villagers. Merlin, for example, teaches you how to get rid of mushrooms. But it’ll take until Friendship Level 10 until you can clear them completely. And Maui will teach you how to get rid of the large rocks on the beach. But again, you’ll need to be patient before you can clear all of them.

But keep playing Disney Dreamlight Valley and work on improving your friendship with characters, and you’ll eventually get what you need to unblock all bridges in the game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Bridges: a Nifty Trick

Thankfully, we have a little trick up our sleeves that lets you access blocked off areas before you’ve freed up the bridges. See those wishing wells that you can pay to open up as fast travel points? Well, they can be repositioned in Furnish mode. Press triangle (or Y on an Xbox controller), then scroll to ‘Furniture’. Select a wishing well, and move it into a section of the world across the bridge. Now, go to your map, choose ‘fast travel’ and select the wishing well you’ve just moved. Voila: you now have free access to a new area!

Remember you’ll need to pay to unlock the wishing wells before you can do this. And we can’t promise it’ll last forever. Developer Gameloft might get wise to our crafty tricks and remove the ability to relocate wishing wells in a future update…

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