How to Upgrade Your House

Disney Dreamlight Valley house

Wondering how to upgrade your own house in Disney Dreamlight Valley? There are two ways to do it, and here’s what you need to know.

Let’s face it, when you first arrive in Disney Dreamlight Valley, your house isn’t looking so great. It’s very run-down looking on the outside, and inside there’s not much space at all. Thankfully, you can upgrade it, and before long you’ll truly be able to make your mark on it.

There are two key ways to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley. And both of them involve the help of Scrooge McDuck. And so, before you can start doing any kind of upgrades, you need to make friends with Scrooge and work through some of his early quests.

Eventually, Scrooge will give you a quest to upgrade the inside of your home. A magical lift will be installed, and when you interact with it, you can choose to expand the size of your house inside. To begin with, you can only expand the floor space. After more upgrades, you’ll also be able to add new rooms and new floors. Eventually, you can have a massive palace. But it’ll take some work!

You’ll need to upgrade your first room twice before you can add new rooms. Each upgrade costs coins, so you’ll need to save up plenty.

Even if you can’t afford a size upgrade just yet, you can work on making the interior look a little nicer. Enter furnish mode by pressing triangle on PlayStation (or Y on an Xbox controller) then scrolling down to ‘Furniture’. In this mode you can select any item in your house (including the boarded windows and old furniture) and press square/X to remove it. A new choice of wallpaper and flooring, and it already looks good as new!

Upgrading the outside of your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a separate endeavour altogether, of course.

Once you’ve progressed far enough, you’ll notice a Scrooge McDuck sign appear outside of your house. Click to interact with it, and pay for an upgrade. The first is fairly inexpensive, but the second costs 20,000 coins – and others will be more expensive still.

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