The Easiest Ways to Earn Money/Coins

Disney Dreamlight Valley

To fully experience the joys of decorating and personalizing your space in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to earn money. Acquiring funds can be time-consuming, but we’re here to help.

Earning money in Dreamlight Valley is a natural process, but often comes in limited quantities. You’ll need a significant amount for various purposes, such as upgrading Goofy’s stalls, leveling up Wall-E’s garden and Moana’s boat, and enhancing your own house, Scrooge McDuck’s shop, and Remy’s restaurant. Not to mention, the countless furniture items you could purchase to spruce up your living space. In a nutshell, accomplishing everything is costly, and you’ll need a substantial amount of coins.

The optimal way to earn money in Dreamlight Valley is by selling items to Goofy. However, each item holds a different value. How do you know which ones are worth selling? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled five speedy, time-efficient methods to help you earn money quickly in Dreamlight Valley.

1. Mine for gems

Gems are among the most valuable items in Dreamlight Valley, and they’re just waiting to be discovered in rocks. Identifying gem-filled rocks can sometimes be easy, but even ordinary mining outposts may conceal gems. Therefore, all outposts are worth mining with your pickaxe.

The game’s most valuable gems are the shiny ones, such as Amethysts and Diamonds. A shiny Amethyst, found in Frosted Heights or Forgotten Lands, is worth 2,000 coins, while a Diamond, exclusive to Forgotten Lands, is worth 2,400. Collect these gems and sell them to Goofy to boost your earnings.

Remember to take a villager with the mining skill with you when searching for gems. They’ll drop extra gems for you each time you find one.

2. Get farming

Purchase seeds from Goofy’s stall to grow crops, which hold significantly more value than the seeds themselves. Farming in Dreamlight Valley is a simple way to earn money, but you may have to wait for some crops to grow. If you want to maximise your profit, we’d suggest farming pumpkins. These take the longest to grow, but will also net you the biggest profit. Plant them in the Forgotten Lands if you want them to grow a little quicker!

Again, remember to take a farming-skilled villager with you when you’re collecting your crops. A Level 10 Farming friend will generate practically double your harvest.

3. Go fish!

Not all fish are created equal; some are more valuable than others. Fish from later areas, especially Forgotten Lands, and rare fish found in golden ripples in the water, have higher values. Catch fish whenever you spot a golden ripple, and you’ll soon accumulate a decent value.

4. Stock up on fruit

Selling fruit in Dreamlight Valley may not yield enormous profits, but it’s one of the easiest ways to earn money. Fruit is abundant and replenishes quickly, so gather and sell all the bananas, apples, cherries, and berries you find to amass a tidy sum.

5. Get cooking

Cooking isn’t always the most lucrative way to earn money in Dreamlight Valley due to the required ingredients. However, selling your cooked meals to Goofy can yield substantial profits, depending on the recipe and its star rating.

Remember that not all dishes are created equal, and their prices depend on the quality of the ingredients used. Regardless, cooked dishes typically earn more than individual ingredients, making it worthwhile if your inventory is well-stocked.

Ultimately, there’s no single magical method to earn money in Dreamlight Valley. To boost your funds, combine all the techniques mentioned above. Don’t just focus on quest-related items; collect extra gems, fish, fruit, and crops, as they all contribute to your earnings. Even low-value items add up when you have enough of them.

Good luck getting richer than Scrooge McDuck!

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