The Festival of Foolishness is a Choose-Your-Own Adventure Game on the Official Dreamlight Valley Discord

Dreamlight Valley Festival of Foolishness

These days, games don’t end when you turn off your console. Disney Dreamlight Valley is no different: there’s a choose-your-own-adventure spin-off available to play right now on Discord.

Yep, a game to play on Discord. Called The Festival of Foolishness, Disney Dreamlight Valley fans can take part by heading over to the game’s official Discord server. There, you can interact with a bot as you play through The Festival of Foolishness. It’s not just for the sake of it, either: depending on the choices you make as you play, there’s a variety of codes to be claimed that grant access to in-game goodies.

So: what exactly is the Festival of Foolishness? Well, as the Discord post introducing the event to us says, it’s a “festival dedicated to trickery and nonsense” that takes place each spring in the Valley. It won’t surprise you that Donald and Stitch are behind the event, and they want to pull some pranks on their fellow villagers.

Like a traditional choose-your-own adventure, The Festival of Foolishness is a text-based game (available only in English). Via the Discord server, you’ll read through a series of paragraphs, then make a choice based on what you’ve read. The choices you make will lead you down a trail to complete the adventure.

If you want to take part yourself, head to the official Disney Dreamlight Valley Discord. It’s completely free to play. Once you’ve joined the Discord, find the ‘#festival-of-foolishness’ channel from the left-hand menu. Once you’re in there, read the introduction post, and begin making your choices to play through the adventure.

It’s available from now until 9th June, so don’t miss out.

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