What Do Easter Eggs Do?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eggstravaganza

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently hosting an egg-citing Easter event: the Eggstravaganza! But what’s the purpose of Easter eggs in this enchanting world? Allow us to explain.

Taking place from April 8th to April 29th, the Eggstravaganza has your village brimming with randomly scattered Easter eggs. You’ll find three varieties: wild spring eggs, egg-ceptional fruit, and v-egg-etables. So, what’s the role of Easter eggs in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

In essence, the eggs themselves don’t have a direct function. Rather, they serve as crafting materials in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To create unique Easter event items with them, simply visit a crafting bench.

Here’s a list of the whimsical Easter furniture items you can craft, along with their respective recipes:

  • Over Easy Chair: 5x wild spring eggs, 5x egg-ceptional fruit
  • ‘Don’t put em all in one basket’ Basket: 10x wild spring eggs, 10x egg-ceptional fruit, 5x v-egg-etables, 20x fiber
  • Spring Egg Bounty: 15x wild spring eggs, 15x egg-ceptional fruit, 15x v-egg-etables, 50x stone
  • Sunny Side Up Arch: 25x wild spring eggs, 25x egg-ceptional fruit, 25x v-egg-etables, 10x iron ingot
  • Spring Stall: 10x wild spring eggs, 10x egg-ceptional fruit, 10x v-egg-etables, 20x hardwood

With three weeks at your disposal, there’s ample time to gather eggs and craft every festive item, transforming your valley into a vibrant and joyful Easter wonderland.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Eggstravaganza

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Eggstravaganza

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