What is the Combination to Scrooge McDuck’s Safe?

One of Scrooge McDuck’s quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley will have you find his forgotten safe combination. But what is it?

While Scrooge McDuck can’t remember his safe combination, he can remember the clues that lead to each digit. And luckily for you, he can share those clues with you. Look in your inventory, and you’ll find a note that’ll help you find Scrooge McDuck’s safe combination in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

There are three simple things you need to do to find Scrooge’s combination, which are as follows:

  • Ask Goofy his favourite day
  • Head to the Meadows and count the number of ponds
  • Go to Merlin’s house and count the telescopes

Find Goofy, and you’ll have the conversation option to ask him about his favourite day. He’ll say 25th May (although he can’t remember why!). That part of your mission will now be ticked off.

Simply being in the Meadows will cross the mission off your list, so it’s up to you to manually count them. Or we can tell you: there are three.

Finally, head into Merlin’s house. Again, simply being in the house will cross it off your list, but look around the room and you’ll see only one telescope.

That’s it: you can now go back to Scrooge to hand in the quest. You’ll need to tell him each number of the combination, so be prepared. The entire combination is 25-05-03-01.

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