Where to Get Clay

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Wondering how to find clay in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley? It’s a common crafting resource, and here’s where you’ll find it.

Thankfully, clay is easy to find in Disney Dreamlight Valley. But before you can get your hands on it, you need to have progressed far enough in the game to have unlocked some new areas of the valley.

Clay is simply dug from the ground, but only  three areas will generate clay. You will find clay in:

  • Glade of Trust
  • Sunlit Plateau
  • Forgotten Lands

The Glade of Trust is probably the area you’ll unlock first: it costs 5,000 Dreamlight to unlock. (You can learn more about unlocking new areas in Disney Dreamlight Valley by reading our guide.) You need to have unlocked Sunlit Plateau before you can even get to the entrance of Forgotten Lands, and that costs 7,000 Dreamlight. So, before you can find clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to have saved up a lot of Dreamlight.

Once you’ve unlocked Glade of Trust or Sunlit Plateau, equip your shovel and get digging! Not every patch of land will give you clay, however, so you may have to turn over a fair bit of dirt before you find enough resource.

If you haven’t yet unlocked Glade of Trust or Sunlit Plateau, you’ll need to work on getting Dreamlight before you can get clay. Head into the menu and check out your daily Dreamlight Duties. Working your way through those is a sure-fire way to quickly build up your Dreamlight balance.

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