Where to Get Worms

Needing to get your hands on some wriggly worms for a quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s where you’ll find them.

Worms aren’t a typical item you can forage in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They’re a quest item that will only become available at a specific time. The first time you’ll need worms is for Maui’s quest called Burying the Eel: you need to make a fishing trap in order to catch an Eel, and for that, you need worms. But where do you find worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

If you’re stumped, like we were, you might try asking Maui for a clue. Talk to him about your quest and he’ll suggest looking by the ponds in the Meadow: “they seem pretty wormy”, he’ll say. OK. So let’s head to the Meadow.

Once you’re at the meadow, you’ll notice more digging spots than usual around the three ponds. Aha. Equip your shovel, and get digging in the cracked spots on the ground. Not every one of them will give you worms – you’ll end up with some dirt and Night Shards too, probably. But visit the three ponds, and you’ll soon have the three worms that you need.

Now all that is left to do is craft the Fishing Trap, and deliver it. Head to a crafting bench, and combine your three worms with 8 pieces of soft wood. Next, head down to the pier on the beach to place the trap you’ve just made (you’ll find it in the Furniture menu). Talk to Maui to progress the quest, then fish in a golden ripple near the trap. An Eel will be yours!

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